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denn’s – more than an organic supermarket.
More freshness, more organic choices and a better feeling when shopping. Organic food, natural cosmetics and toiletries for your day-to-day shopping. Here you can expect a product range of more than 6,000 items, including a large number of articles at especially affordable prices.
Freshness, choice and fair prices.
denn’s – an organic supermarket where you can find everything: fresh fruit and vegetables each day, local baked goods, fine wines from around the globe, and a varied selection of cheese and other dairy products.

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At our supermarket, you can find all of this and much more to a high-quality organic standard, carefully selected and with transparent origin. Here food still tastes as it is meant to: pure, flavoursome and natural.

‘Always affordable’
Our special value items allow you to buy organic varieties of all the daily essentials. This range includes around 250 high-quality organic products at affordable prices. They can be recognised on the shelf by a special symbol. In the make-up and toiletries department, you will discover natural cosmetics as well as a large number of products to help look after your health and well-being. New offers and tips about our products are revealed every fortnight.

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