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HOFSTATT – Your shopping date in Munich!


HOFSTATT offers a unique combination of shopping and leisure – right in the heart of Munich city centre.
Flagship stores for top labels like DEPOT, GANT and Subdued rub shoulders with cool design boutiques and the hottest fashion brands. Peaceful courtyards and great cafés and restaurants are perfect places to chill out in this busy shopping arcade.


The centre’s EDEKA van Dungen, the biggest supermarket in the heart of Munich city centre, rounds off the selection of shops perfectly with a great range of products for your day-to-day needs. And when it comes to exercise, HOFSTATT has a lot to offer, too. You’ll find ELBGYM on the basement level – and a blackBIKE studio.
There is also a STUDIO OF WONDERS, the location for creating cool photos and videos, in the HOFSTATT, you find it also in the basement.


A thrilling blend of fashion, food and lifestyle. Explore and enjoy – at the perfect spot for a day’s shopping in Munich city centre! HOFSTATT – Sendlinger Straße 10.

After seven years of planning and construction, HOFSTATT celebrated its grand opening as a new shopping arcade in 2013. The complex consists of three passages and spreads out to fill the entire site between Sendlinger Strasse, Hackenstrasse and Färbergraben.


HOFSTATT comprises seven buildings on land formerly belonging to Süddeutsche Zeitung in the centre of Munich. After the publisher moved away, Zurich-based firm Meili, Peter Architekten was named the winner of an international architecture competition in 2006. 
The master planning carried out by Meili, Peter Architekten stood out in particular for a series of well-proportioned courtyards and the incorporation of a public thoroughfare.
The design of HOFSTATT owes its unique character to contemporary construction methods that maintain respect for the monuments and overall architecture of the old city centre while interacting with these features. Creating a public thoroughfare means that the formerly secluded Hackenviertel now has a vibrant connection to the centre of Munich that has filled it with a new sense of vitality.


With more than 15,500 square metres of retail space and 18,000 square metres of offices, HOFSTATT is a highly attractive location for small businesses and companies. Furthermore, anyone who loves shopping or architectural design will enjoy spending time in and around the extraordinary complex.
Its position in Munich’s Sendlinger Strasse is simply perfect, with easy access by all forms of public transport or by car. HOFSTATT is only a few steps away from Marienplatz, the famous town square at the very heart of Munich. Also within walking distance, there are many trendy shops on Sendlinger Strasse – which has now fully undergone traffic-calming measures – and it is not far to Kaufingerstrasse, Neuhauser Strasse and Theatinerstrasse.


The decision to open HOFSTATT and the many shops and restaurants located there has revitalised the area around Sendlinger Strasse in a development where everyone stands to benefit – especially shoppers.


Pop in and visit us at HOFSTATT, where you can enjoy a day out shopping in Munich city centre! We look forward to seeing you!