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The Rebel Queen by Liu Jo product line adds a new dimension to female identity, revealing new and surprising contrasts. Romantic and energetic, strong with a cosmopolitan character and open to influences from international styles, yet deeply rooted in Italian heritage – our queen of the rebels makes a strong statement first and foremost because of her attitude and determination to make every situation in life her own.

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This is made possible by spontaneous glamour, with no hint of frivolity, that forges a unique, post-modern combination of street style and urban bon ton. The fit, volume and materials are defined by a resolute approach towards metropolitan lifestyle and an unmistakably contemporary interpretation of smart chic that is utterly diverse. As a result, the Rebel Queen by Liu Jo product line is just as suitable for creating fresh, everyday looks as it is for special occasions.

The colours are soft and romantic, but also powerful and full of energy – not least thanks to the prints and patterns used. The clear, minimalist design has a vintage-look elegance that is a superb match for patterns and sophisticated details. Femininity is emphasised by juxtaposing different fabrics, enhancing the silhouette of some must-have pieces with an urban style. These have been reworked with a surprising, fresh approach that confirms the eclectic proficiency of Rebel Queen by Liu Jo.

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